Affiliate Program Migration

Considering migrating to a new affiliate tracking software? The Tapfiliate team makes it easy for you to switch. We’ll guide you through the whole affiliate platform migration process to ensure your profitable growth and sustainable performance.
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Why Tapfiliate?

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Access to Admitad Partner Network

Works Great for Affiliate & Influencer Marketing

Easy affiliate recruitment and onboarding
Link and coupon tracking
White label sign-up pages
Referral links and dashboards matching your brand
Flexible commissions system
Performance-based incentives
Transparent real-time statistics
Handy tools for promo materials management

How to migrate to Tapfiliate

Conducting an effective affiliate program migration, that is beneficial to both advertisers and affiliates, is challenging. The entire migration process can take up to three months and requires some focus and effort. The following steps will help you make the transition painless. Find detailed instructions on executing an affiliate migration in our support article.
  • 1. Set the accurate migration timeframe

    Affiliate program migration usually takes time. So, forward planning will help you set up and structure everything toward a smooth transition and provide your affiliates with as much guidance as possible.
  • 2. Export data from your current platform

    Export your affiliates’ data in a CSV format to use it on the Tapfiliate platform. Before deactivating your old account, make sure to export historical data on sales, customers, and previous payments for record-keeping purposes.
  • 3. Configure Tapfiliate account and program settings

    Once Tapfiliate’s tracking scripts are installed and tested, fine-tune your account settings and customize your affiliate program. Specify your custom domain name and generate a white-labeled Sign-up page and branded links.
  • 4. Import your affiliates and start a new program

    Import the list with your existing affiliates in a few clicks by dropping your CSV file into Tapfiliate’s import box. Then map the column names. Now your new affiliate program is ready to go live!

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Frequently asked questions about affiliate program migration

Looking for something else? Check our support knowledge base or docs.
  • Will I be able to use my current affiliate tracking platform during the migration process?

    Yes, you can keep your old scripts active during the migration process. However, you need to decide when to stop running your current affiliate tracking platform and set your launch date. Ensure your existing programs will be active for at least four weeks after your new platform launch. This will provide your affiliates with time to onboard and gives you space to resolve any possible issues.
  • How do I migrate my affiliates to Tapfiliate?

    To quickly import your affiliates to the Tapfiliate platform, you need a CSV file containing your affiliate’s data. The file should include at least three columns with the affiliate’s first name, last name, and email. You can also import other fields, such as coupons, addresses, or company details.
  • How long does it take to migrate over to Tapfiliate?

    On average, the full migration process takes from one to three months, depending on your affiliate program size. That’s why we recommend creating a migration timeline to properly manage all the program components and keep things at a steady pace.
  • My integration/platform is not listed. Can I still use Tapfiliate?

    If your integration is not mentioned on our list, you may still be able to integrate Tapfiliate using one of the following manuals:
    - Generic JavaScript Integration Guide
    - REST API Integration guide
    To get more information, please read our support article.
  • Will I be able to keep my affiliates’ existing links?

    No, once your affiliates are imported into Tapfiliate, new links will be generated for them. They can easily customize their referral codes if they prefer something different.
  • How do I migrate to Tapfiliate from Refersion?

    If you consider migrating to Tapfiliate from Refersion, Voluum, Everflow, ReferralCandy, or any other affiliate tracking software, read our support article on migration from different platforms.

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