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Directly reach consumers, grow traffic and increase sales for your brand. With Tapfiliate, creating an affiliate program is easy.

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What exactly is affiliate marketing?

It’s a marketing strategy that encourages individuals (affiliates) to promote your brand in exchange for a commission; this usually happens when people end up buying a product or signing up for a service.

To kick start your affiliate program, here’s what you need:

1. Integrate Tapfiliate with your platform of choice

We offer simple copy-paste modules, plugins and guides that allow for easy integration. Tapfiliate integrates seamlessly with popular website builders, online platforms, subscription services, shopping carts and payment gateways, like WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce, PayPal, Stripe, etc.


2. Set up & Customize Your Program

Set up and organize all aspects of your program. Customize your program to meet specific business needs and budgets - including commissions, payout methods, performance bonuses and language settings.

Use flexible commission types

3. Create Marketing Materials

Create an unlimited amount of images, social media posts, banners, and video links for your affiliates. Once these links are created, they will be automatically available for affiliates to share in one click.

Seamless sharing

4. Find the right affiliates for your program

Share your program with affiliates, this can be invite-only or open for everybody. You’re in control for how and where your brand is being shared - bringing in relevant traffic and bypassing unwanted websites.

Control who's in and out

5. Gain targeted traffic & increase sales

Now that you have completed these steps and know about some of our kickass features, you’re fully equipped to create your own affiliate program!

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What our customers say

Michelle del Rio

Tapfiliate has been a gamechanger for managing our affiliate program here at Selz. Our team loves the simplicity of the service. It makes it easy to manage a lot in a single place, which is great given the size of our affiliate program. With increased sign-ups and a happy community of Selz affiliates, we’ve had great success.

Julien Vallet

Tapfiliate has added significant value to our business by enabling us to manage all our affiliate programs in one place and easily scale them. Next to being a great product, the customer success team is nothing but excellent.

Ruud Stelder

Tapfiliate takes all the hassle out of setting up an affiliate program. It allows our customers to create sustainable value by building their own tribe of shop promoters.

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