Things may have felt a bit quiet in the recent period around Tapfiliate. Although we’ve been adding new features to the platform, including a new API update (with a whole lot of new endpoints), referral codes (vanity URLs), new reports, additional tracking data, further fraud checks, and a number of performance improvements all around the platform - behind the scenes something bigger was cooking.

Over the past half year we have been working very hard on the scalability of our organization, primarily in terms of support and technical scalability. More importantly however, we have spent a good amount of time redefining our mission, strategy and consequently our product roadmap.

We soon realized that we needed a new platform to make room for future improvements and to better get our message across. So today we’re very happy to present:

  • A brand new website!
  • Two long awaited features
  • A small facelift of the dashboard (more to come)
  • Much improved documentation
  • A more direct way of getting in touch with us
  • A brand new logo (By Jeroen van Eerden)
    In the coming period we are going to direct most our focus to the application. We’ve gathered a whole lot of useful feedback and data to work on improvements with - so some exciting changes are in store!

Next to that we will soon be starting a pilot with extended support hours. More on that later!


Our new mission and product strategy revolves around utilizing the power of affiliate marketing to:

  1. Enable content creators and influencers to do what they do best: Create quality content for you to enjoy
  2. Make sure brands will be shown in places that actually reinforce their brand
  3. Create a better browsing experience for end-users by promoting relevant and unobtrusive ads

We believe this to be a true win-win-win and hope to make a positive contribution to the internet we all love.

We can’t reveal all details of our master plan just yet, but do keep an eye on this blog from time to time to learn more about the things we’re doing to achieve this goal.

We’ve also launched two long-requested features

We’ve brought new sign up page designs to the table. In addition to that, terms of service can now be added directly onto the sign-up page. The last feature will be on our Pro plan in the future, but all current customers will have this added to their current plans!

Hope you like the changes we made. If you have any questions or remarks, drop us a line through the contact bubble in the bottom right corner!

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