New API version (V1.5) released

Good news for all tech-savvy tappers: We’ve just released V1.5 of our API! The updated version offers more functionality and improves consistency. The complete changelog of V1.5 of the API is as follows:

  • The /affiliates/ endpoint is now sorted by affiliate sign up date
  • The /{program}/affiliates/ end point was added. Results are sorted by the date the affiliate applied for the program or was added to it
  • The “type” property of the Commission object was renamed to “kind”
  • When retrieving an affiliate for a certain program, the referral_link parameter will now be outputted as an object with a link, asset_id and a source_id
  • The Commission object will now include an “affiliate” property, which is an object.
  • The affiliate’s Address is no longer nested in the Company object, but rather directly on the Affiliate object.
  • When creating an Affiliate, the response would have an “affiliate_id” property. This property was renamed to “id” to make it consistent with GET */affiliates/ endpoints
  • When accessing resources by id, using an invalid id would sometimes return 403s and 404s inconsistently. From this version on, a 404 will always be returned
  • When creating a Conversion, you can now pass a click_id instead of a click object with an id parameter
  • When creating a Conversion, coupon will now take precedence overclick_id``
  • When adding commissions to a conversion, the Conversion sub amount should now be passed as conversion_sub_amount instead of sub_amount to make it consistent with the name of the property in the output
  • When adding commissions to a conversion, omitting the mandatory conversion_sub_amount on one of the commissions¬†will cause the entire request to fail


By (very) popular demand, we’ve added a functionality which allows you to set an affiliate’s payout method through the API. Read the docs¬†to learn more.

You can refer to the complete API docs here:

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