Feature update: Asset wall

We are thrilled to share our new feature update with you: the asset wall!

During our constant stride to develop our product into the best it can be, we decided one thing we could improve to benefit our clients is asset sharing within our platform. 

With this new feature all of the marketing assets uploaded by you will be presented to your affiliates on their asset wall. The design of the asset wall gives your affiliates a nice visual overview of all the assets which you have provided for them. 

**We have also added new asset types!
In addition to image banners, HTML banners, text links, and product feeds it is now also possible to share Tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube videos and Vimeo videos!

We felt the following three factors were the most important in making an awesome space to share marketing materials:

  1. Sharing marketing assets should require as little friction as possible
  2. Everything the affiliates may need to market your products must be accessible on this one page (coupon codes, referral link, sharing to different social media channels etc.)
  3. The asset wall should be easy to oversee

If you have a look at the image below, you can see that we’ve implemented these three points. 

Asset WallWe also created a direct link to the asset wall in the menu on the left of the page. Seeing as the asset wall will likely become the page that your affiliates will be active on most frequently, we felt that ease of access is very important.